Lewis Wins 1st Place at Los Leones Chalkfest!

The Lewis Leopard Chalkfest team won 1st place in the elementary division at the Los Leones Art Festival on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013.  Mrs. Lila Owens and Mrs. Gina Gonzalez coached the team of Lewis students to victory. Students on the team include Christopher Becerra-Coleto, Ryan Harrison, Daniel Tehuitzith, Sydney Sornesen, Veronica McDaniel, Caty Faylor, Casey Birmingham, Mercedes Hernandez and Erica Vaquera.

In the Los Leones Publicity Contest, there were 132 entries submitted for this district-level competition.Though we didn't get the Grand Prize and have our picture used for the publicity poster and on the event shirt, Lewis students were the winners for the elementary level in this contest too, Casey Birmingham took first place and  Christopher Becerra-Coleto took second place. Chick here to read more about the Los Leones Art Festival.