I am Leon Springs Proud

because... we are blessed to have an amazing, caring, and incredible Principal and Vice-Principal. The teachers and staff are incredible and this is what I call my second home.

because… I work on the best team. I am very blessed to work with a wonderful group of women that are professional, funny, and intelligent. They are always there when I need them and they are incredible teachers.

because… of the high expectations we set for the students.

because… of the care we show to ALL our students.

because… of the professionalism of the faculty, staff, and parents. I am proud to work with such highly qualified teachers that always put the students first.

because… of the relationships that we develop at LSE. All the parents, students, and staff pull together to get things done to help all of our students to be successful.

because… of the cutting edge curriculum.

because… kids come first.

because…differentiated instruction.

because… parent involvement and family feeling.

because… of the wonderful leadership.

because… of the growing leaders.

because… LSE makes learning fun.

because… of the amazing School Wide teamwork.

The fourth grade team is proud because… of the professionalism, support, caring of our staff, and the loving support from our parents. Our students successes daily making all the difference in the world!

Because… of the amazing teachers and outstanding leadership team! – Stephanie Cuevas

Because…my sons are blessed to go to a school when the principal through the teaching staff are not only qualified but they truly care! It’s an honor to be at Leon Springs! – Gina Ledoux

Because of the staff at LSE is amazing. My children are not only getting a top notch education, but they are part of a wonderful family.

-      Michelle Neely

Because… every teacher cares about every child! – Ann Marie Cucinotta

Because… of the amazing kinder teachers who help acclimate my son and myself into kinder! – Loretta Amass

Because…of the new extraordinary organization and communication but especially of all of the smiling faces I am greeted by daily!

Because… of the loving family I entrust my children to everyday. It is nice when your child cries over the lack of school. – The Gutierrez Family

Because… we are a family, a community, all dedicated to the future of our students. – Julie Callaway

Because…our teachers and staff are so welcoming and inviting. When you drop your kids off, you know they are in great hands. We Love LSE! – Breanne Alder

Because… of our teachers and staff. They truly ensure the success of our children and their future! – Missy Peoples

Because… the teachers are genuine and they care for the students.

Because… Leon Springs School feels like a large family we are a part of and where everyone counts and matters. – C. Olivier

Because… of the small, intimate and safe environment that we all as children and parents feel!!! – Vanessa Bed