Parents: We need your input

As NISD embarks on another school year, we are also looking at the future impact of thousands more children and the need for more schools and for upgrades to current ones.  Part of the solution may be to have  a School Bond Election in 2014.  
While the School Board has not officially called for an election, we are looking at the possibility.  To that end, we want and need your input.  Please take 12 minutes to complete this PARENT BOND SURVEY.   
Your child's  student ID number provides you access to the survey one time.  If you have multiple children, you may use any one of their student ID numbers.  ID numbers can be found at the top of report cards and other school-related documents.
Your input will be provided to the 2014 Citizens' Bond Committee as we make some recommendations about new schools, school buses, technology, renovations and classroom additions.
Your input is so important and so valued.  The survey ends Sept. 20.
Please take 12 minutes to complete this survey.  
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