Kinder Round-up

Calling all future Coyotes!  Kuentz Elementary welcomes the Kindergarten Class of 2013 at our annual kinder round up!  Come visit us on  Wednesday, April 17 anytime between 4:30 - 6:00p.m.  In addition to registering your child, parents and children will have the opportunity to visit a kindergarten classroom, meet our kindergarten teachers, learn about the kindergarten curriculum, and participate in an exciting visit to the music room and the library.  Bring your required registration documents, register your little coyote, and come join the fun!

Please Bring:
Certified Copy of Birth Certificate (not from the hospital)
Shot Record
Proof of Residence (current utility, water or cable bill in your name or spouses name)
Parent's Drivers License
Child's Social Security Card (optional)