Kuentz ES Teacher & Student Write a Book

The latest author to visit Kuentz ES was our very own Special Education teacher Victoria Sills who presented her new book, You Are Going to Love Me! along with the Illustrator, 5th grader Fiona Hale.

The book takes a look at Autism through the eyes of Fiona, who lives with Autism. The book was started two years ago when she was a third grade student as a way to help her class better understand how she perceives school and her friends. During the presentations, Mrs. Sills explained to students how the writing process takes time, (pre-writing, many drafts, revising and editing) but with hard work and a dream it can become a reality.
The book is available on Amazon.com, Armadillo-Publishing.com at the Helotes Humane Society Thrift Store.
Below is a picture of Fiona with all of her teachers, past & present.