Eco-Friends Recycles with HEB and Jack Ingram

Kuentz ES Eco-Friends spent last Saturday, April 13th, recycling at two major community events. First they woke up early to collect at the NEF 5K Walk/Run starting at 7:30am. Later that day, Ms. Anaya, Mr. Skinner and Mrs. Westfall headed to the HEB at Bandera and 1604 for HEB's 1st Birthday Bash. HEB threw quite a party with food, drinks, music and FREE ice cream. While there Eco-Friends sold sodas, collected bottles and cans and helped children to make planters out of used water bottles. At the end of the celebration, country music artist, Jack Ingram, posed for a picture with Eco-Friends.


Eco-Friends Booth

Eco-Friends making recycled planters   Eco-Friends Booth                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      






Eco-Friends with Jack Ingram

                Eco-Friends making recycled planters











     Eco-Friends with Jack Ingram