Math Clubs run about 5-6 weeks at various times throughout the school year.

3rd Grade: Fall
Sponsors: Amy Barron, Rachel Dukes, Sally Barton

2nd Grade: Tuesdays
Sponsor: Patty Snyder, Vanessa Hawley, Cyndi Rodriguez

1st Grade Math Club:

Meets: Wednesdays, April 17-May 15 from 2:45-3:45 pm
Sponsors: Lisa Fernandez-Poirer, Gracie Cummings, Joyce Ratliff

Kuentz ES has so many first graders who are gifted with excellent math skills and are interested in being challenged. The 1st grade Math Club aims to enrich those students who enjoy being challenged in the area of math.  Its members are 1st grade students who have been nominated by their teachers.  Math Club is a fun opportunity for students to develop their problem solving and intuitive thinking skills as we strive to provide math work that is above grade level, fun and thought provoking.