Here at Kuentz Elementary School we believe in empowering our students through educational and personal growth opportunities. We want our students to leave our school with the ability to set goals that will lead them to become successful, productive, well-rounded members of the community. By providing them with growth experices outside the classroom, children are more able to see the bigger picture. Kuentz Elementary provides many opportunities for our students to learn, socialize and grow through our varied selection of before and after school clubs. 

Volunteers are always needed!! Please contact the club sponsor for more details. 

Eco-Friends--Isabel Anaya & Pat Skinner
Student Council--Kimberly Kern-Swartz, Tamara O'Neill & Amy Hammer
Fine Arts--Mary Towell
Scrapbooking--Melinda Vargas & Tess Villa
Chess--Suzanne Diou
Math--Amy Barron, Lisa Fernandez-Poirer, Gracie Cummings
Solar Cars--Isabel Anaya
Young Astronauts--Isabel Anaya