Christmas Around the World Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to the Christmas Around the World Scavenger Hunt!

Click on the question to visit a site to find the answer to the question. 


1)  According to legend, on Christmas Eve, what do rivers in Germany turn in to?

2)  When is St. Nicholas Eve?  What happens on this night?

3)  What are some of the foods that are eaten on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Germany?


4)  During what season does Christmas take place in Australia?

5)  Where do most Australian families spend their Christmas holiday?

6) In what year did the Carols by Candlelight tradition start?  Where does it take place?  What happens at the Carols by Candlelight event?

7) What foods do Australians eat on a hot Christmas day?



8) When does Kwanzaa start?  When does it end?

9) What does the word Kwanzaa mean?

10) What are the seven principles of Kwanzaa?

11) What are the three colors of Kwanzaa?

12) What are the seven symbols of Kwanzaa?

13) What does Kwanzaa celebrate?


14)  What does the word Hanukkah mean?

15)  For how many days does Hanukkah last?

16) What was the miracle of the holy oil?

17) What is a menorah?

18) How do you play the dreidel game?


19) For how many days does Las Posadas last?

20) What is Las Posadas?  (Summarize)

21) According to the author, Wendy, what is the best part of Las Posadas?


22) What are two Japanese Christmas customs?

23) What is one of the most popular Christmas tree ornaments in Japan?

24) What is the Japanese New Year's Day known as?

25) What do Japanese families do to start the new year fresh?

26) As midnight approaches on New Year's Eve, how many times do the Buddhist temples ring the bells?  How long does it take?

27) What is Kadomatsu?

28) What is Mochi?

Congratulations!  You finished the hunt!