About Our School

Our Namesake-Dean H. Krueger

On February 24, 2004, the Northside Independent School District Board of Trustees named the formerly titled "Braun Road Area" elementary school in honor of longtime Northside resident, parent, teacher, assistant principal, principal and District Administrator Dean H. Krueger.
Dean H. Krueger Elementary School opened in the summer of 2005.  Krueger most recently served as Deputy Superintendent for Administration, capping a 30-year career in public education. He also attended schools in NISD.
Dean H. Krueger Elementary was dedicated on October 15, 2005. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Dean H. Krueger Elementary School is to develop a child-centered learning
environment that promotes high expectations. Students, families, staff and community will actively
participate in guiding students to strive for personal excellence, while preparing them to be responsible,
respectful and productive citizens.

Mascot, Colors and More!


Krueger's mascot was originally a Cavalier. 

As of 2009, the mascot became a Cavalier Spaniel. 
Our school colors are red and black.
Our school song was written by Krueger's first music teacher, Eva Young.


Krueger Principals

Principal: LaNeil Belko 2007-Present
Principal: Jean Dove 2005-2007

Krueger Vice-Principals

Vice-Principal: Kirsten Velasquez 2013-Present
Vice-Principal: Priscilla Paul 2009-2013
Vice-Principal: Lynda DeMasco 2005-2009

Krueger Teachers of the Year

2005-2006: Eva Young- Music
2006-2007: Elizabeth Garvic- C.I.T.
2007-2008: Martha McCown- Music
2008-2009: Marilyn Lubenow- 3rd Grade
2009-2010: April Esquivel- Reading
2010-2011: Jerri Steele- Kindergarten
2011-2012: Claudia Colunga- 1st Grade
2012-2013: Leslie Matus- Kindergarten
2013-2014: Martha McCown
2014-2015: Marci Schneider



Krueger First Year Teachers of the Year

2005-2006: Bernadette Boullosa- 1st Grade
2006-2007: Anna Schaaf- 3rd Grade
2007-2008: Jason Arp- 4th Grade
2008-2009: Steven Parker- Special Education
2009-2010: Erin Beilss-Perez- Kindergarten
2010-2011: Sarah Marek- Music
2011-2012: Stephanie Lopez- Kindergarten
2012-2013: Carmen Alas- 4th Grade
2013-2014: Misty Lambert
2014-2015: Shelly Zawadzki