2018-2019 Krueger PTA

Dear Krueger Parents:

No greater joy comes to a parent than watching our kid’s succeed in life. I would like to take
this opportunity to welcome back our returning students and parents. For our new parents
and students, you might be feeling a bit anxious and excited, to that I just have to say: “We
have all been in your shoes”. But don’t worry, we have one of the best campuses in our district.
And we owe it all to our wonderful staff who truly care about the children and take pride in
our school.

Why you should join the PTA

When you join the PTA, our children and the school benefits. PTA augments school programs,
and help funds activities for the kids year round. You get connected with other parents, you
create lasting bonds and friendships. We work together with teachers and staff to cultivate a
support network, not just in the classroom but in our community. We join together to share
ideas about programs and activities that benefit the children.
We are parents just like you! We invite you to get involved and get to know your PTA board

How you can help

The first step is to become a member of the Krueger PTA. Through the year we will be hosting
events around campus. We highly encourage you to get involved and ensure the experience is
a positive one for the kids.

If you are interested in becoming part of Krueger PTA Board and would like information,
approach any of our members and we can provide you any assistance you may require. You
can volunteer and help at any level or capacity. Whatever level of participation you select,
your time and involvement will certainly be appreciated.

Your Krueger PTA Board is here to help and serve the children and our community. We
welcome your feedback and comments. As well as any ideas and suggestions you may have to
make our PTA program better. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you over this next
school year.

Toni Vargas
President of the Krueger PTA

PTA Board Member Contact List


Krueger NEEDS the PTA & the PTA NEEDS YOU!!