HAC Support

Parents and students, a new parent portal, Home Access Center (HAC) is now in place at Northside ISD.  Please follow the instructions below to set up your account and access grade information.

Parents:  To request an account or report an issue please use the following form. View form  When prompted enter your student's ID number and the new four by four they received this year. You will be prompted to enter your email address and will receive a confirmation email with a temporary password that will allow you to enter HAC for the first time and set your own password.  Once your account is established HAC, it can be accessed at hac.nisd.net.  For help in setting up grade or attendance alerts, download the guide HERE.

Students:  View your grades by accessing HAC at hac.nisd.net.  Your User Name is the letter "s" followed by your student number (ex: s123456). Your password is your new four by four.

Students and Parents, once you're in HAC click on the "Classes" icon to see a list of assignments and current grades.  Make sure to click "Full View" (top right of the Classwork) to see both assignments and the current average for each class. See the example HERE.