I am Jones Proud


... that our campus is clean and welcoming. 

... that our school culture is a supportive and helpful atmosphere.

... that our administration team is dedicated to excellence.

... because our staff is working towards student success. 

... that our staff strives to educate every child, every day.

... that the decisions on this campus are driven by what is in the best interest of our students.

... that we reinvent ourselves to meet the needs of all our students.

... that we have incredible educators who go the extra mile to assist every student and inspire them to do better.

... that our teachers have the highest expectations for our students and themselves.

... because we have smart students who are committed to learning.         

... that our Gifted and Talented program has been integrated within our academic classes. 

... that we have a large number of students who participate in our fine arts programs. 

... that we have wonderful music programs which inspire our students.

... that our staff supports and encourages our athletes. 

... that our student athletes work as a team and represent our school in a positive way.

... that our administration and staff care about every student on our campus.