Our History

Anson Jones Middle School is part of the growing Northside Independent School District of San Antonio, Texas. Built in 1971 as Anson Jones Junior High, the first students chose black and gold as their school colors and the cougar as the mascot. In 1973, the sixth grade was added and the school was renamed Anson Jones Middle School. Today, it numbers approximately 1300 students with a faculty and staff of over 100.

Anson Jones has always been one of the more progressive schools in the Northside district. In the mid-eighties, Jones was the first school to implement the concepts of teaming and “schools within schools”, a system in which a group of teachers are given about 100 students on a team. This creates a smaller school atmosphere as the teachers are more familiar with their students and work with them in all their classes. After the successful implementation of this system, many other schools in Northside followed the example set by Jones.

Our school was named in honor of the last president of the Republic of Texas, Dr. Anson Jones. In an impressive ceremony, President Jones passed the reins of government over to the United States when Texas became the twenty-eighth state in 1846.