Dress Code

Anson Jones Middle School is a uniform school.


  • Khaki or Black in color may be worn in all three grade levels (no bagging, no sagging).

  • Skirts/Jumpers or Dresses: Khaki or Black in color (no more than 4” above the knee).


  • 8th Grade -Black polo style shirt or a Black Anson Jones spirit shirt.
  • 7th Grade-Gold polo style shirt or a Gold Anson Jones spirit shirt.
  • 6th Grade-White polo style shirt or a White Anson Jones spirit shirt.
  • Fridays, designated color or any color Anson Jones, John Jay, or college spirit shirt.


  • Undershirts may be worn during the school day.
  • Hoodie sweatshirts, sweaters or light weight jackets may be worn during the school day:  (Allowed colors include:  solid gold, white, black, gray).
  • Heavy coats and jackets will be required to be carried in a backpack or turned into the office.
  • Logos must be school appropriate.
  • Clothing must fit properly and not exceed one size above or below the correct size.
  • Body piercing is prohibited except for rings, studs, or other traditional jewelry worn in the ear. Facial and tongue rings or studs are not permitted.
  • House shoes and flip flops may not be worn due to safety concerns of walking on the staircases and outside.
  • Student in need of any uniform correction (i.e., color of undershirt, change of shirt/pants/skirt, etc.) will be referred to an administrator for an appropriate consequence.
  • Parents will be called so that he/she can bring a change of clothes for students who are not in dress code.