Teachers among the ranks of graduates

June 8, 2015

While nearly 6,400 high school students are preparing to graduate, so are a lot of teachers who are working on advanced degrees.

Eight NISD teachers participated in Concordia University commencement services recently, each earning a master’s degree in Educational Administration and graduating with a 4.0 GPA.

The group began their advanced degree journey in August, 2013 discovering the first night of class that all were NISD employees. The teachers represent various levels and areas of instruction,  and in keeping with the spirit of Northside, they shared numerous experiences and moments of learning with each other. Two years and countless hours later, they are now proud graduates of the Class of 2015.

Pictured are Deanna Pruneda, Mark Keenum, Pamela Lee, Laura Nary, Vanessa Vallejo, Christine Null, Shelli Keller, and Stacy Garcia.