Peace Corp volunteer visits Lieck

December 20, 2012

For the past two years, Peace Corps volunteer Matthew Acres has been a part of Lieck ES from 1200 miles away.

Through the World Wise School Program, and with the coordination of Librarian Tammy Chatys, students have been communicating with Acre via mail, email, Facebook, and Skype. Some projects they have worked on together include Flat Stanley, letter writing, research using World Book online and Skype.

Last school year, Acre was introduced to the first fifth grade class of Lieck ES via Skype and they discussed his work in Cape Verde on the island of Boa Vista, and the importance of preserving the Earth’s ecosystems.

This school year, upon returning to the states, Acre visited Lieck ES and talked to the fourth and fifth graders about the importance of science inquiry. He went over the steps scientists follow in order to conduct their research in the field, and discussed his work on the various animals native to the islands of Cabo Verde. His visit encouraged and motivated the students to learn more about the various scientific fields.