Holidays are creative at Villarreal ES

December 21, 2012

Holidays are very special at Villarreal ES and Christmas time is no exception. Students and staff wore various items each day, depending on the theme of Christmas socks, ugly sweaters, head gear, or jingle bells.

On Monday, staff members held a contest to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. The office staff won Most Expressive with their helpful elf aprons; Most Creative went to the kindergarten team which had a Christmas tree, presents, and Frosty; and the third grade team received the Most Original award for their “seven swans a swimming.”

Swans: Erlinda Valderas, Daisy Garcia, Andrea Zelenak, Allison Messick, Paula Madrigal, Kim Martinez, and Estella Munoz.

Elves: Brenda Gallardo, April Mata, Melissa Perez, Marie Vidarrui, Raquel Fernandez, Gracie Rodriguez, and Terri Falcon.

Presents, etc.: (Front), Oralia Gonzalez, Lisa Orosco, Maria Moreno, and Camille Sosa, (Back): Kathy Rackley, Sara Escobar