Forensics program at Holmes enjoys a comeback

June 8, 2015

Holmes High School/Business Careers High School has not had a Speech and Debate team for almost three years. With the help of five students and the support of Principal Ada Bohlken, teacher Belinda Medellin revived the program.

Almost 30 students have competed successfully this past year. Since many of these students didn’t know what speech and debate was until they joined, they wanted to educate elementary school students about this opportunity in case some of them would want to participate once they moved to secondary schools.

The students decided to visit two elementary schools and perform an oral interpretation of the children’s book, “The Day the Crayons Quit,” by Drew Deywalt. After performing to second graders at Esparza and McAndrew elementary schools, the students donated copies of the book to the schools as a way to encourage summer reading.

The high school students participating included Jeremy Valdez, William Wyant, Jamil Stallings, Adam Shea, Samantha Ruvalcalba, I'Yana Riles, Frantashia Johnson, Aluradanin Humpherys, Sofia Guillen, Colin Gourley, Victoria Falcon, Marissa Velazquez, and Kaitlin Rodriguez.