Carnahan EcoFriends plant pecan trees

October 1, 2012

EcoFriends, a volunteer group of students, families, teachers, and administrators at Carnahan ES, planted more than 70 native pecan seedling trees in the Leon Creek Greenway across the street from the school as part of the Acorn Project.

Joining EcoFriends were school namesake Peggy Carnahan and volunteers from the Texas Master Naturalists of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Native Plant Society of Texas, and the Global Learning and Observing to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) organization sponsored by NASA and NOAA, with guidance and support by the City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation’s city forester, Michael Nentwich.

The seeds were originally planted by students in recycled soda bottles during studies on soil formation, seasonal cycles in nature, plant life cycles, natural resources, and adaptation. The cycle for next year’s event already is beginning as seeds begin to ripen for collection this autumn. Seeds are gathered only from native trees in natural areas without supplemental care that by age or size indicate superior qualities for survival.

The project is part of a three to five-year joint study with the school and City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department on the survival of the trees. The research data will be correlated with the Smithsonian Institute’s North American Dendrometer Studies (tree banding), and observations and measurements taken by students of the air, soil, and water during walking field trips will be recorded using scientific tools.