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NISD Handbook

Dedicating her life's work to guidance counseling and bettering our guidance programs for students, Pat Henderson has taught many and influenced even more. She has shown true commitment to education with her 40+ years in the field.

Henderson received her Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology from Mount Holyoke College in 1962, Master of Arts in Guidance for Education in 1968 from California State University, and Doctor of Education degree from Nova University in 1986.

She started her career in California where she was an English teacher, counselor, and dean of girls. In Orange County she was Coordinator of Guidance for almost 10 years. It was then that Henderson decided to make her way to Northside ISD in 1982 where she served as the Director of Guidance.  Henderson dedicated 20 years of service to NISD as Director of Guidance and helped the counseling department grow from 30 counselors to over 200. She also developed and implemented the evaluation instrument for counselors through professional organizations and Northside still uses the majority of what she developed for counselor evaluation.

During her time at Northside, Henderson's greatest accomplishment was drafting and fully designing the NISD comprehensive guidance program model that was taught to all school's counselors. NISD received national accolades as one of the top school programs in the United States and this model was later adopted by TEA and other schools around the nation.

She has authored and co authored 18 books and 26 articles on counseling and guidance, presented workshops and seminars across the nation, and had many responsibilities and leadership roles at local, states, and national professional organizations including American Counseling Association, American School Counselor Association, Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Member, among several others.

She has taught at the University of Texas at San Antonio, Our Lady of the Lake University, California State University Long Beach and California State University Fullerton and currently has her own business, Henderson Consulting.


Henderson has also won several awards such as the American School Counselor Association Mary E. Gehrke Lifetime Achievement Award, Texas Counseling Association Truax Award, South Texas Counseling Association Professional Writing Award, Distinguished Service Award, Research Award, Professional Writing Award, as well as several others from different professional


Her reputation is impeccable. Many people seek out her counseling practices and know that they will get advice that follows all professional and ethical standards. She was seen by other as having energy, passion, and true commitment to one's life work.

Pat came to NISD in 1982 when the counseling program was just beginning to evolve, and left truly contributing to the District and making her mark. She has helped numerous counselors to grow and has shown her dedication through years of commitment toward helping to better counselors and counselor supervisors. Her contributions have reached and are still reaching children in the district and counselors around the nation.