Jump Rope for Heart- February 14th

It is Jump Rope for Heart time at Heart Healthy Helotes Elementary.  Students are learning in PE how to keep their heart strong and why it is important to eat healthy.  We are joining thousands of schools across the country the next few weeks to raise money for the American Heart Association.  This community service project helps with research and funds to help fight heart disease.  Jumping rope is one of the best exercises for the heart. 

Did you know you can raise money for Jump Rope for Heart from your living room?  Give the Online Fundraising tool a try!!! It is easy to set up your own webpage and send emails to relatives and friends. 

Students receive thank you gifts from the American Heart Association.  A $5 donation will earn an extremely cute red and white camo duck.  An online donation will earn a black Ninja duck.  There are 4 more ducks your child can earn!!! Check them all out on the American Heart Association website.

Our Jump Rope for Heart event will be Friday, February 14 during their Specials time.  Volunteer help is needed.  Please contact ouidamazurek@nisd.net  if you would like to volunteer.