Fifth Grade Web Lessons


5th Grade English/Language Arts Standards



Biomes and Ecosystems-Windows to the Universe

MBGnet- Biomes and Ecosystems

Enchanted Learning-Biome/Habitat Printouts

Electricity Interactive Games and Activities

Electric Circuits

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters: Destructive Forces of Nature

Hurricanes and Natural Disasters

Fact Monster: Natural Disasters

The Moon's Phases

Chem 4 Kids: Atoms

All Atoms

Geology of the Grand Canyon

Earth Floor: Cycles

Energy Kids: Oil (Petroleum)

Energy Kids: Coal

Energy Kids: Natural Gas


Revolutionary War Hotlist

Jamestown Online Adventure

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Trail of Tears Hotlist

Revolutionary Jeopardy

Civil War Research

Famous Inventions

Constitutional Convention

Kids' House (Texas House of Representatives)

Countries Hotlist

The 20th Century Hotlist

States and Capitals Quiz

The Thirteen Colonies

Enchanted Learning: Inventors and Inventions

Inventors and Inventions

Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids

The World of Benjamin Franklin

Observing Constitution Day

The Signers of the Constitution

Charters of Freedom

Timeline of the Revolution

On the Trail of Captain John Smith

Colonial Williamsburg Trades

Thomas Paine's Common Sense

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson: A Brief Biography

The Electric Franklin

Meet George Washington

George Washington

John Adams

The Oregon Trail


Decimal Squares

Chameleon Graphing

Precise Measurements

Operation Order Alegebra Game

Internet 4 Classrooms: 5th Grade Skills

Math Games

Snork's Long Division Game