Extreme Weather Event


Flood San Antonio- October 1998 Flood Safety
www.floodsafety.com   USGS Science for a Changing World
  San Antonio/Hill Country- July 2002 Flood Safety
    Significant River Flooding
    San Antonio River Authority Flood Facts
  Dallas/Fort Worth- June 2004 NOAA News Story
  Southeast Texas- October 1994 Floods in Southeast Texas
    American Meteorological Society
    Geology of the 1994 Flood
  Hill Country- August 1978 Texas Storms 2002-1975 (scroll down!)
Tornado Waco- May 11, 1953 NOAA News Story
    Fox News.com
    Top 10 US Killer Tornados
  Lubbock- May 11, 1970 Lubbock Online
    National Weather Service- Lubbock
    Lubbock, TX Devastating Tornado Rips City
    May 11 Luboock Tornado
  Wichita Falls- April 10, 1979 USA Today.com
    Wichita Falls Giant Tornado
    Wichita Falls TX Tornado
  Saragosa- May 22, 1987 The 1987 Saragosa Tornado
    Wikipedia- 1987 Saragosa, Texas Tornado
    Tornado Disaster- Texas
  Jarrell- May 27, 1997 The Jarrell, TX Tornado
    Tornado Disaster
Drought South Texas- current Drought Conditions over Deep South Texas
    Drought Information
  Entire State- 1996 Texas and the 1996 Drought
  Dust Bowl- 1930's Panhandle Handbook of Texas Online
    The Dust Bowl of the 1930's
    What Caused the Dust Bowl?
Hurricane 1900- Galveston The 1900 Storm
    NOAA History- Galveston Storm of 1900
  1919- Corpus Christi Hurricane History
  Carla- September 10, 1961 Wikipedia
    Hurricane Carla Hits Texas Coast
  Gilbert- September 16, 1988 Wikipedia
    Hurricane History
  Ike- September 12, 2008 Wikipedia
    USA Today
  Rita- September 20, 2005 Wikipedia
    Facts About Hurricane Rita
    Hurricane Rita Pummels Texas, Louisiana Coast
    Rita Batters Louisiana, Texas Coasts
Snowstorm San Antonio- January 1985 San Antonio's Snowfall
    Weather Encyclopedia
  Dallas- February 2010 Snowstorm for the Record Books in Dallas
    Feb Texas Snowstorm
  Rio Grande Valley- December, 2004 White Christmas Dream
    Rio Grand Snowstorm
  Southeast Texas- Christmas 2004 Wikipedia
Thunderstorms/Tropical Storms Tropical Storm Allison 2001 Wikipedia
    Tropical Storm Allison