About Us

The residents of the Helotes area took great pride in seeing their children educated. Records date back as far as 1911 when Helotes School was part of a rural school district. Helotes School District was established around 1927. The present day site was purchased from Mr. Riggs in 1939. Helotes became part of the Northside Rural School District during World War II.

School Song:
You’re a grand old school
Our Helotes School
And forever we’ll always be true.
There’s a spirit strong that flows along
And shows in all that we do.

We are proud to say
We’re number one all the way
We’re the best that a school can be.
Long live the Bulldogs gold and blue.

Helotes, we love you!

School Colors: Blue and Gold

School Mascot: Bulldog


School Handbooks