School Health Advisory Council Membership Roster

School Health Advisory Council is an advisory group of individuals who represent segments of the community. The group acts collectively to provide advice and to make recommendations to the school system on various aspects of school health.

Member Roster


Employer / Professional Experience


Linda Seewald NISD / Director, Health & Physical Education District Facilitator
Itza Gutierrez Andrade None / Parent Member - Parent *
Melissa Bryant None / Parent Member - Parent *
Bryce Chatland None / Former Sporting Goods Representative Member - Parent
Patrick Dempsey Just For Teachers Financial Services / Financial Advisor Member - Parent
Dr. Valeska Gonzalez Pedi Docs Pediatric Clinic / MD Member - Parent *
Susan Lawrence University Hospital / RN Member - Parent
Liset Leal-Vasquez Alliance for a Healthier Generation / Relationship Manager Member - Parent
Suzanne Levan City of San Antonio / Employee Benefits / RN Member - Parent
Christy Rupp Remax North / Realtor Member - Parent *
Heather Ruth None / Parent Member - Parent *
Karen Sanders City Public Service / Community Relations Member - Parent *
Kathy Shields, CHES San Antonio Metropolitan Health District / Chronic Disease Prevention Manager Member - Parent *
Cynthia Thomas Concentra / RN Member - Parent
Marina Tucker Interim Health Care / RN Member - Parent
Monica Meyers Turnbo None / Attorney Member - Parent
Robin Clark NISD / Employee Wellness Member - Non Parent
Lisa Delgado NISD / Coordinator, School Age Parenting Member - Non Parent
Julie Eversole Retired / Engineer Member - Non Parent
Alice Fiedler NISD / Instructional Specialist, Secondary Science Member - Non Parent
Debbie Healy NISD / Guidance & Counseling Member - Non Parent
Josie Hernandez NISD / Physical Education Teacher Member - Non Parent
Lydia Martinez NISD / Adult & Community Ed. Member - Non Parent
Carol Pett NISD / Registrar, Organizational & Staff Development Member - Non Parent
Rudy Sanchez NISD / Instructional Support Teacher, Health & PE Member - Non Parent
Shirley Schreiber NISD / Director, Health Services / RN Member - Non Parent
Jeannie Von Stultz, PhD Bexar County / Director, Mental Health Service Juvenile Probation Member - Non Parent
Thomas Wherry NISD / Director, Child Nutrition Services Member - Non Parent
Mike Galvan NISD / Supervisor, Food Service Advisor - Staff
Jennifer Krueger NISD / Supervisor, Health Services / RN Advisor - Staff
Sara McAndrew, PhD NISD / Executive Director, Secondary Instruction Advisor - Staff
Jackie Reyes NISD / FCS Department Coordinator Advisor - Staff
Paul Tucker NISD / Instructional Support Teacher, Health & PE Advisor - Staff
Michele Maxwell, RN, PNP San Antonio Metropolitan Health District / School Health Liaison Advisor - Community
Amy Newman American Heart Association Advisor - Community
Lisa Patterson American Lung Association Advisor - Community
Elizabeth Tobias American Diabetes Association Advisor - Community
Nicole Townsley American Cancer Society Advisor - Community
Terry Casey NISD / Coordinator, Environmental Advisor - Ad Hoc
Debby Glass NISD / Safety Specialist Advisor - Ad Hoc
  * Board nominated