Recommended Grading Policy for Physical Education

The following information is provided as a means for clarification of various aspects of the physical education grading policy.

  1. Performance Score – 50%

    Each teacher will award a maximum of 5 points per day to each student based on:

    1. Active Participation
    2. Effort
    3. Sportsmanship

    A documentation system should be designated by each campus for a student’s failure to earn points.

    A chart has been designed to assist teachers in determining student grades based on the number of days each six/nine weeks.

  2. Cognitive Score – 25%

    Written and/or oral work will be used to evaluate the student’s cognitive knowledge of the various areas of physical education. More than one test should be given to determine the score each six/nine weeks.

    High school teachers are required to give a final examination. The exam is 20% of the total semester grade.

  3. Psychomotor Score – 25%

    Formal motor assessments will be used to evaluate the development of motor skills. The degree to which a student has progressed in learning the skill should be taken into consideration when determining the grade.

  4. Physical Fitness

    Physical fitness should be an integral part of the daily curriculum and not viewed as merely a test. Student participation and effort may be reflected on the student’s performance component of the grade. Understanding of physical fitness concepts may be reflected in the student’s cognitive grade. Teachers are encouraged to help foster the student’s awareness of the need for physical fitness in their daily lives.

  5. Dressing for Activity

    Dressing out is a requirement for physical education but is not graded. Students are encouraged to purchase the uniform designated by the school, but may also bring alternative attire (shorts, shirt) that is acceptable to dress codes.

    A student forgetting his/her clothes is required to borrow a uniform provided by the school for the day. If the student has the appropriate footwear (tennis shoes / rubber soled shoes), he/she is eligible to earn the daily performance points. If the student has inappropriate footwear (boots, heels, sandals) to safely participate in the day’s activity, he/she is not eligible to earn performance points for the day’s activity with the class. Each campus will designate an alternative assignment as a substitute to earn daily performance points.

  6. Progress Reports

    The NISD progress report should be sent to the parents of students who are in danger of receiving a grade below 70. Reports should be sent after the third week and anytime determined to be necessary thereafter.

  7. Absences

    Students who have been absent are required to make up their daily performance grade as determined as appropriate by the campus.