School Nurse

At Health Careers High School our clinic is staffed by a part time RN, Jennifer Ryan and a full time LVN, Nikita Hale. Together they are responsible for Health Careers High School. They are also responsible for two smaller Special Education campuses here in the Medical Center.

Nurse Ryan has been an RN since 2010. She graduated from University of the Incarnate Word. Nurse Hale has been an LVN since 2011. She graduated from Kaplan College of Vocational Nursing. Nurse Ryan has a background in pediatric mental health as well as school health. Nurse Hale has a background in pediatric home health, adult nursing, and school health. Our two nurses started with Northside Independent School District in 2014 and came to Health Careers in the winter of 2014.

A Word From the Nurse:

The school nurse administers first aid only. She does not diagnose illnesses, but takes note of symptoms and notifies the parents of her observations. A student should be kept at home when ill. The student should have a normal temperature for 24 to 36 hours after any illness before returning to school. This is important for the health of the child and for the health of all children at the school.

Illness at School:

If a child becomes ill or is injured, he/she will be given first aid and the parent/guardian notified. In no case will a child be sent home until the parent/guardian or the person indicated by the parent/guardian has been contacted. Every effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian first. If the parent/guardian is unable to come for the child, arrangements must be made for his care by the parent/guardian. In an extreme emergency EMS or an ambulance designated by a parent/guardian will be called. The nurse has the responsibility if she suspects a contagious health condition to request that the child be picked up by the parent or guardian and examined by a physician for diagnosis and treatment. In the event of a contagious illness, please notify the school upon confirmation of diagnosis.