Practice for SAT, ACT

The first place to start for test preparation is with the information provided for you by the testing agencies on their websites. Both websites, ACT and SAT provide valuable information describing the test, strategies on test taking, practice tests, etc. They
have self-help books available to purchase as well as online tutorials to purchase.

Getting familiar with the structure and subjects of standardized tests can help you score high. At, you'll find information about the most common standardized tests for 
students going to college: SAT, ACT, PSAT, SAT Subject Tests*, AP Exams*, CLEP Tests*, TOEFL, and the GED® test. Use their resources and articles to get prepared.
 There are numerous companies that offer test preparation classes and tutorials. The website, has a section that compares the “SAT/ACT Test Preparation Companies” available; rates & reviews them, and provides links to each company’s website.

Some of the companies available are Kaplan, The Princeton Review ACT/SAT, PowerScore, Revolution Prep, Testmasters, Set for College, etc.

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