Clubs and Organizations

Some club information for the 2018-2019 school year is still being determined. Some information will change or have exceptions. For the most accurate information, contact the club's sponsor.

Club Name Sponors Meeting Day Meeting Times Location
Art Club Saucedo Every B Day Wednesday 4:15-5:00 Library Classroom
Astronomy Lobban Every B Day Wednesday 4:15-5:15 207
Bowling Club Alonzo Sunday 9:00-12:00 Bandera Bowl
Class of 2018 Atsalis/Sittre Wednesday 8:10-8:40 156
Class of 2019 Bedolla/Snow Every other Tursday 4:15-5:30 158
Class of 2020 Huvar/Jasso As Announced    
Dance Club Montoya Wednesday 8:00-8:40 150
Drama/Theater Arts  Chu Thursday 4:15-5:15 Cafe
Filipino Culture Club Ver/Vane A-Day Mondays 4:15-5:15 Library
GSA Gonzalez Fridays As Announced 4:15-5:15 LIB Classroom
HOSA Briers 1st Monday  4:15-5:15 219/214
HOSA Austin 1st Monday  4:15-5:15 CAFE
HOSA Sittre 1st Monday  8:15-8:45 142
HOSA Vane Every other Monday 4:15-5:15  
HOSA Perrin 1st Monday  4:15-5:15  
HOSA Gonzalez 1st Monday  4:15-5:15 CAFE; 142
HOSA Retzloff 1st Monday  4:15-5:15  
HOSA R. Ysaguirre 1st Monday  4:15-5:15 CAFE
HOSA Morales 1st Monday  4:15-5:15 226
HOSA Rocha 1st Monday  8:15-8:45 and 4:15-5:15 CAFE/214
HOSA D. Ysaguirre 1st Monday  4:15-5:00 CAFE
Ignition Green Sanchez/Luna Tuesday (Once a Month) 4:10-5:00 208
Japanese Club Henderson Every Monday 4:05-5:00 133
Korean Club Chu Tuesday 4:15-5:15 236
Latin Club Chu/Van Eimeren Wednesday 4:15-5:15 CAFE
Mu Alpha Theta Astudillo 2nd Thursday 8:15-8:45 LIB
National Honor Society Morgan/Astudillo Last Monday of the Month 4:15-5:00 CAFE
Pre-Dental Morales First Thursday 4:15-5:15 226
Photography Club Rodriguez A-Day Wednesdays    
Quiz Bowl Lobban Monday 4:15-5:15 207
Science Fair Gonzalez Before School, During Class or After School    
Spanish Honor Society Tejeda 1st Tuesday 4:15-5:00 CAFE
Sports Med Club Morales 1st Wednesday 4:10-5:10 226
Student Council Officers Rocha/Briers Tuesday 8:00-8:30 214
Student Council General Rocha/Briers 3rd Monday 4:15-5:30 CAFE
Student Library Crew Murray Friday 4:15-5:15 LIB
UIL Comp Science & Calculator Guerra Thursday 4:10-5:10 230
UIL Current Events Calonico As Announced 4:15-5:00 206
UIL Number Sense and Math Kollman Friday 8:15-8:40 157