Student Absences

A note must be provided for every absence. Otherwise the absence will be considered a truancy. Parents have three school days to let the school know in writing why a student was absent. This can either be a note from a healthcare professional or a note from a parent.

Parents may also email our attendance secretary at with the necessary information.

Any attendance notes (emailed or given in person) must include:

  • The student's name
  • ID number
  • Dates absent
  • Specific reason for the absence
  • Parent name and phone number

Reasons other than those characterized as excused in the NISD Parent Student handbook will be considered unexcused.

90% Rule and FAQs

Attendance for Course Credit: The Ninety Percent Rule and Attendance Recovery

The 90% Rule--Attendance Necessary for Class Credit

Students earn course credit if they receive a passing grade and are present for the class 90% of the time. Five or more absences first semester or 6 or more absences second semester will cause a student to fall below 90% attendance. Courses that meet twice in the A-day/B-day cycle are allowed twice as many absences. Both Excused and Unexcused absences count against this rule. Health Absences (partial day absences documented with a note from a healthcare professional), School Business, Court Dates, or Religious Holidays will not count against the 90% rule. Other, less common exceptions are outlined on page D-5 of the Parent-Student Handbook.

Attendance Recovery

After a student’s attendance falls below 90%, he or she will have to attend attendance recovery. Most commonly, students will recover credit by attending the Phoenix Learning Center (PLC).  Students are assigned 1.5 hours per absence over the 90% cutoff. For example, if a student has four absences first semester in all four of her classes on A-day, and she is absent again for the whole day, she will have to attend 6 hours of attendance recovery in order to receive credit in all four of those courses.

Extenuating Circumstances and the Medical Waiver Process

If a student’s attendance falls below 90% because of extenuating circumstances (hospitalization; severe, ongoing illness; death in the immediate family; etc.), then the student and parent can fill out a waiver application available in the front office. A committee of teachers will review the form and decide to what extent a waiver is appropriate. Only excused absences can qualify for a waiver. Parent and student are both invited to attend the meeting; however, if no one is present, the student and parent will be notified of the committee's decision in a timely manner.

Should I attend PLC before the committee makes a decision?

It is not required. However, if the committee denies the waiver, you will be responsible to make up the time. So it is up to you to make a responsible decision. Remember to check in and out with the PLC teacher so he or she can record your time in PLC records. Additionally, you must get physical signatures on your own time sheet. If the waiver is denied or only partially granted, you will be credited your PLC time.

What do I do at PLC?

It is important that students recovering hours sign in and out on separate PLC logs with the PLC teacher. PLC dates and times are published on our school website. Always check ahead of time. They’re not every Tuesday and Thursday. Then come ready to work! It is equally important that you record your time on your own Attendance Recovery Time Sheet. Think of this as your receipt; if there is ever a question about your hours, you can provide this to Mr. Hebert as proof.

Can I recover hours some way other than PLC?

If you are receiving one-on-one tutoring from a teacher before or after school, you may apply that time toward attendance recovery. This will require you to keep track of your time on your own time sheet with your teacher’s signature.

What should I do once my hours are completed?

You first need to know how many hours you owe. Most people should be able to get pretty close to figuring out the total hours following the guidelines explained above. Any additional absences that occur after this number is determined must also be recovered.   

Students will then be given a form for keeping track of the hours. Once finished, the form can be turned in to the front office for review. After this, the student will be notified if any more hours are owed.