I am Health Services Proud

We are proud because:
...we serve over a million students each year in our school clinics

...we have a staff of 146 dedicated professionals in health and wellness working to keep all NISD students well and ready to learn at school

...we accomplish all state mandated screening for Hearing, Vision, Spinal and Risk Assessment for Type 2 Diabetes and ensure students receive the necessary support and treatment when needed

...we monitor and facilitate up to date immunization records for more than 104,000 students

...we are dedicated health and wellness advocates and teachers for students, families, and the community

...we have a dedicated CPR Instructor Team focused on providing high quality CPR Certification training to thousands of high school students and NISD staff members each year

...all 121 registered nurses are BSN level and must have two or more years of prior nursing experience

...we offer high quality, accredited, continuing nursing education each year to all district RNs and LVNs