State Approved CSH Programs

Approved Coordinated School Health Programs


The agency is required by law to make available to each school district one or more coordinated health programs. Each program is designed to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, and Type 2 diabetes in elementary school, middle school, and junior high school students. Each program must coordinate health education, including oral health education, physical education and physical activity, nutrition services, and parental involvement. 

Letter from Commissioner of Education Dr. Neeley - November 2004

Coordinated School Health Statutory Citation (TEC § 38.013-38.014)  (outside source)

Commissioner's Rules Concerning Coordinated Health Programs (TAC Chapter 102 Subchapter CC)  (outside source)

Agency-approved Coordinated School Health Programs vendor contact information is listed below. The approved programs are:

Bienestar (K-8)  (outside source)
Telephone (866) 676-7472

CATCH (K-8)  (outside source)
Telephone: (855) 500-0050

SPARK (K-8)  (outside source)
Telephone: (512) 673-0511

The Great Body Shop (K-5; 6-8) (outside source)
Telephone: (800) 782-7077