School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

The School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is an advisory group, appointed by the NISD Board of Trustees, which provides guidance, recommendations, and support in the ten areas of Coordinated School Health. A majority of the members shall be persons who are parents of students enrolled in the district and who are not employed by the district. Additional members may include teachers, school administrators, students, health care professionals, members of the business community and non-profit health organizations, law enforcement representatives, senior citizens and clergy.


The members of the School Health Advisory Council are committed to quality health education for the children of the Northside community.

Other criteria include:

  • Demonstrated interest in youth
  • Awareness of the community
  • Professional ability
  • Willingness to devote time -2 year commitment
  • Representative of the population

Reporting Procedure

The School Health Advisory Council acts in an advisory capacity. The Council will send its recommendations to the Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction who reports to the Superintendent who reports to the Board.



In School Health Advisory Council: A Guide for Texas School Districts (Publication No. E05-12431), the Texas Department of State Health Services provides school staff and community members with a basic understanding of the value of SHACs in creating a healthy school environment for students.

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