Healthy Start Team

Danielle Housley, MPH: Healthy Start Project Facilitator

Facilitates and manages all aspects of the Healthy Start Grant. Collaborates with Child Nutrition, Learning Tree After-School Program, SPARK Program, CATCH Program, Module trainers, Elementary Physical Education teachers, Northside ISD Administration and Staff, Parents, Community Members, and Grant Evaluator.  


 Danielle standing near Mayor Castro, Mayor’s Healthy School Summit, 2013  


Marie Surach: Healthy Start Data Technician

Disseminates, collects and organizes all Window Data for the Healthy Start Grant which includes the PACER, Pedometer, Nutrition Survey, 3 Day Physical Activity Recall (3DPAR), and Body Mass Index (BMI). Marie also assists with Northside NIC Nutrition Awareness presentations.  


 Marie with “Scantron Stanley” in the background, 2013  


Gabe Minge: Healthy Start Technician

Developed and presents all Northside NIC Nutrition Awareness presentations. Seventy-four schools will be host to the Nutrition Awareness Campaign over the three year grant period: 26 schools in year one, 26 schools in year two, and 22 schools in year three. Gabe also works and assists in the warehouse helping organize and distribute Healthy Start equipment and supplies.  


  Coach Gabe & NIC, 2014  


 Charlie Alva & James Vasquez

Responsible for organization and distribution of all PE equipment and supplies for all 106 Northside schools!