Healthy Start: Child Nutrition

Over the three year grant period, we will host Northside NIC Nutrition Awareness presentations to 74 schools. Presentations are interactive and were developed using SPARK Nutrition, Balance My Day curriculum, CATCH and MyPlate concepts.

In year one and two of the grant, the Northside NIC presentations will be held at 52 schools and led by Coach Jeremy. Over 20,000 students, in grades K-3, will have attended this interactive nutrition and physical education presentation by the end of year two.

The presentation includes a 9 minute video titled, The Adventures of MyPlate Nutrition Hero and the appearance of Northside NIC (Nutrition Instructional Chimp). Each Kinder – 2nd grade student will be given a USDA Kids MyPlate tear-off sheet and each 3rd – 5th grade student will receive a Good Times with Good Foods activity book. Students in 4th and 5th grades will view the video during PE class within the same week the presentation is given. A MyPlate banner will be left with the cafeteria manager to be hung and used as a visual reminder for the students as they make their way through the breakfast and/or lunch line.

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~ Northside NIC Presentation Testimonials ~

“I loved the presentation and I wanted to thank you for coming to our campus, come back anytime, you did an amazing job; I felt like the kids really took away a lot from it.”  -Raba Elementary Principal

“That was Super Duper cool, now I finally know what foods to eat!!” -1st. grader Langley Elem. 


Students with hands in the air