Healthy Start: Physical Education

The Healthy Start Grant requires “Windows” – these Windows are as a 10 day timeframe to assess students’ fitness levels. Due to the size of Northside ISD, the Federal Government allowed us to use a computer generated sample of 477 students for each window. For the first year of the grant, there are 5 Windows. For each of the following years, there will be 4 Windows.

The Windows require the following fitness and nutrition assessments:

  • Pedometer Tracking: 4 days of tracking for K-4th grade students & 7 days of tracking for 5th grade students
  • Nutrition Survey
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

Physical Education teachers will attend 3 professional development workshops each year of the grant.


 Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

SPARK PE K–2 Workshop

SPARK PE 3-5 Workshop

Module Training

SPARK Nutrition K-5 Workshop

Module Training

Module Training

Module Training

Module Training

Module Training


In addition to data collection and professional development, our Elementary Physical Education Curriculum Committee has expand from six teachers to a Leadership Team consisting of 14 teachers.

During the first two years of the grant, PE teachers completed an Equipment Needs Assessment to help identify their need for SPARK equipment and supplies to support their new SPARK Curriculum-Based Scope & Sequence. All schools will receive needed equipment in the fall of school year 2013 and 2014, enabling them to successfully conduct their lessons and sustain their program.

Another focus of the grant is to align the Elementary PE Curriculum with the Secondary Curriculum. One avenue we are focusing on will be the installation of Traverse Magna Walls in all 74 elementary schools over the next 3 years. Starting in May 2013, installation will begin in the first 25 schools.  


Elementary PE Leadership Team in Action!