Healthy Start: Food, Fitness, Fun!

The Healthy Start Grant is a three year, $2.6 million Carol M. White Federal PEP Grant, that focuses on Elementary Physical Education and Nutrition. Northside ISD was one of 56 school districts nationwide (1 of 3 school districts in TX) that received this grant.

  • 30% of NISD students have a high Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • 16% of NISD students, 68% cases in elementary students, have Acanthosis Nigricans (AN Marker) – a skin disorder that results in velvety, light-brown-to-black markings that occur in areas including the neck, armpits and groin. This condition is a strong indicator of high insulin levels, which could lead to Type II Diabetes
  • 65% of San Antonio adults are overweight 

There are two main goals for this grant that will be achieved over the 3 year grant period:

Goal #1: To create a comprehensive elementary physical education program that aligns with the successful secondary PE curriculum created by the 2004 Carol M. White PEP Grant.

Goal #2: Create, promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle through health/nutrition awareness and education.

The Healthy Start: Food, Fitness, Fun grant is designed to improve physical education and nutrition education programs at all NISD elementary schools through the following avenues:

  • Physical Educationincludes increasing physical activity levels for K-5 using the research based Sports, Play, Active Recreation for Kids (SPARK) curriculum concepts, activities, and strategies that reinforce cardiovascular fitness. PE teachers will be attending professional development trainings and their programs will be acquiring appropriate equipment to enhance their lessons, ie: Traverse Walls, SNAG golf, Lacrosse, etc.
  • Child Nutritionincludes increasing nutrition awareness and education through fully developed nutrition awareness campaign led by mascot Northside NIC and the Child Nutrition Department. Campus presentations include SPARK Nutrition concepts, MyPlate video, Good Times with Good Foods activity books, MyPlate banner, and USDA MyPlate handouts.
  • After-School Programincludes implementation of the Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) curriculum which aligns with the customized elementary physical and nutrition education curriculum, allowing opportunities for the students to stay active and healthy with a purpose. All sites have acquired appropriate physical activity equipment to enhance and sustain their lessons.
  • Community Involvementincludes The Learning Tree Program to host free Fit Family Fun Nights which encourage family and community members to participate in six week sessions, one night per week, of physical activity such as kick boxing, Zumba, Zumbatron for kids, all led by certified personal trainers.

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Winner of the 2013 "Discovery Award" Award for Excellence in Texas School Health by the Texas Department of State Health Services as featured in InsideNorthside Weekly!

Winner of the 2014 "Vanguard Award" TEXAS HEALTH INSTITUTE AWARDS!