5th Grade Patrols work the Hatchett Bike Rodeo

This past Friday, February 14, 2014, the Hatchett Physical Education department hosted our annual Bike Rodeo. We had student in grades Pre-Kindergarten to 5th Grade participate at their designated times throughout the day. A San Antonio police officer for the Safety Unit come out to manage the event. We also had a handful of parent volunteers organized by PTA who took part in judging and scoring portions of the event.

A special recognition to 5th Grade patrols who modeled safety on the course. They were an important part in how smooth the event ran. These students who are patrols also demonstrate the academic standing to allow them to be a part of such school functions. They ran each students' score sheet back and forth, quickly and with a smile.

Students' bikes are first inspected and given an inspection score. Then students maneuvered their bikes through four skill events as outlined and explained on the blacktop. Students received a score for each skill event. Finally, all scores were tallied and the winners ranked.

First, Second, and Third places were awarded for boys at each grade level. First, Second, and Third places were awarded for girls at each grade level. Only the First place winners will advance to the city-wide competition to be held later.

For information about the results, please contact either physical education teacher, Mr. Gamez or Mr. Villarreal at 210.397.6890 ext. 3146.