Lil’ Bits on Third Grade

Not too far from Hatchett Elementary, near neighboring homes, sits the peaceful serenity of organisms interacting with each other in a pond community. This little piece of delight includes populations of cattails, ducks, fish, geese, insects and other species that paints a perfect picture to our 3rd graders on just how vital the wetlands are to everyone. Because these communities serve as homes for a variety of organisms, students soon came to the realization just how quickly this natural treasure is disappearing due to habitat loss, pollution, and other harmful, man-made causes.

This month, students joined together with their parents/guardians to create a habitat found in the wetlands. The project provided an opportunity for students to communicate to their family about the beauty and importance of preserving the wildlife found in these areas.  The month-long project ended with 122 students showcasing and presenting their unique, “In the Box” habitat.

Habitat in the Box