4th Grade Writes Away - Drama, Poetry and Research

Hatchett students are deep to their knees in the world of language. Drama, poetry, and research are just some of the most recent highlights within 4th classrooms.

The World of Drama
“All the world is a stage” and Hatchett students are a part of it. Fourth grade students are putting their acting talents to the test as they learn important drama concepts and skills. Our dear old friend Mr. Shakespeare would agree; Hatchett students know how to bring it, drama that is, to the stage.

The World of Poetry
Most people, including Hatchett students, are aware that poems rhyme, but Hatchett students are finding that poetry entails so much more. Students are learning that poetry can take a variety of forms and that poetry does not even have to rhyme. Fancy that; how about that?

The World of Research
It is never too early to start doing research. At least that is what Hatchett 4th graders came to discover during a social studies research project that dealt with learning more about some of the first Americans. Students learned so much about the Native American culture that many of them practically became experts in the process.

Stay tuned for more breaking news coming out of the halls of 4th grade.