5th Grade Research Projects: Natural Disasters

Fifth grade students recently completed a month long research project about natural disasters. Students compiled information from our school library, city libraries and science websites about tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, tsunamis and earthquakes.

The students were responsible for researching their chosen natural disaster and they used guiding questions to help them along the way. Some of the questions that the students answered were: what happens before, during and after the natural disaster, what type of warning systems are in place for the natural disaster, how does the particular natural disaster impact society, and how does the natural disaster compare to other natural disasters. The requirements of the project included a handwritten or typed report along with a model, poster, diorama or experiment showcasing their selected natural disaster.

Students were able to connect their research findings to the earth science concepts we studied at the start of the school year. Weathering, erosion, deposition, runoff, flow, faults, and forces were just some of the earth science concepts that students discussed in their reports. This project also enabled students to practice writing expository compositions, use technology for research, and tap into their creativity to create their projects.

The students really enjoyed researching their natural disasters, and a lot of students in the grade level even presented their research in their homeroom classes.

Earthquake Project   Tsunami Project
Earthquake Project   Tsunami Project
Hurricane ProjectHurricane Project   Volcano Project
    Volcano Project