Special Olympics Track and Field Event

On October 29, 2013, fifteen Special Olympic athletes, along with coaches, Meet in the Middle Buddies, and parents headed to Gus Stadium to participate in the Fall 2013, Special Olympics Track and Field Preliminaries, along with 35 other NISD Elementary Schools.

Upon arriving and checking in, the athletes prepared for their first field event the Softball throw. Each athlete received two chances to throw the ball as far as they could.  This event was followed by the 100 meter dash. The athletes were cheered on by their Meet in the Middle Buddies, coaches, and parents. As the athletes crossed the finished line and received their times, it was time to take a much needed lunch break. After receiving some rest and plenty of nourishment, the athletes headed back to the track and field area to participate in the Standing Long Jump. After two attempts, the athletes headed to the 50 meter dash. Each athlete received two attempts then headed to the final track of the day which was the Turbo Jav toss. After two attempts, it was time to pack up and head back to school.

We want to thank our athletes, Meet in the Middle Buddies and parents for their excellence, perseverance, and spirit!