Specials Classes at Hatchett ES

So your child says they have a "Specials" class. What's so special about Specials classes. These are the classes your child will see on a rotation basis. The classes include Art, Computer Literacy, Music, and Physical Education. We have a six-day rotation during which your child will get to see each of these specialist teachers. Here is some news about what's happening in Specials classes now.

Art News
An exciting new project is going on in the Hatchett art classroom. Our 5th graders are learning how weave using an assortment of colored yarn, ribbon, paper and string. They are creating weaving looms using straws, and cardboard. Students are also using the traditional wooden looms. Here are a couple of examples started here at Hatchett ES. If you would like to create your own cardboard loom and learn to weave go to: search Primary Weaving on YouTube.

Mrs. Villanueva
Art Specialist

Computer News
As we start off the school year, there are many things that I have to go over with the students before they actually get on the computers. The students are introduced with terms such as computer citizenship, internet safety, as well as familiarizing them with the basic parts that make up the computer. I know the students were very anxious to get going with the lessons on the computer. They have gotten off to a great start as many have already started to log on without their log-in cards. By doing this, it allows them more time to work on their lessons, thus saving time from having to pass out the cards. I am really excited about the progress the kids will be making throughout the year. As the year goes along I'll be showing some of the kids work! See you guys in a byte, sorry, I meant to say bit!

Mr. Mendiola

Music News
Our year has gotten off to an exciting start! We have 42 fifth grade students enrolled in our Strings Program.  These dedicated students practice two times a week before school with Mr. De Armond, orchestra director of Pease Middle School.  Fourth and fifth grade students were invited to join Hurricane Choir and we started practicing on September 25th.  At this point there are 63 singers in our group.  We are preparing for our first performance, which will be the Veterans Day program on Monday, November 11th. 

Mrs. Ransdell
Music Specialist

PE News
In PE for the month of October we are working on various manipulatives with grades kinder thru 2nd.  We are working on object control with our basketball and bowling skill units in grades 3rd thru 5th.   We also have started our safety patrol teams before school and after school that were selected by student’s classroom teachers.

Mr. Gamez and Mr. Villarreal
PE Specialists