Spotlight: Reading and Writing at 4th Grade and Beyond

“Wow! Reading and writing is so much fun!” a Hatchett student commented. This is how most, if not all, Hatchett students are beginning to feel about reading and writing. Reading and writing have recently undergone a new paradigm shift, a new direction in which students control the power of reading and writing.

As the school year unfolds, Hatchett classrooms become the perfect places where students can read their favorite books and tell their life stories. Each school day, Hatchett students learn how to become life-long readers and writers through meaningful and purposeful lessons, reading and writing lessons that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

How are such lessons even possible? They are possible because of two research based types of instruction, Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. Studies have shown that reader’s and writer’s workshop students make rapid progress as readers and writers, mastering objectives and skills in a shorter amount of time and having fun while doing so.

Some of Reader’s Workshop lessons include:
1. “Finding Tons of Just Right Books”
2. “Reading Faster, Stronger, Longer”
3. “Holding Tight to Meaning”
4. “Choosing Texts That Matter”

Some of Writer’s Workshop lessons include:
1. “Choosing Seed Ideas”
2. “Revising Leads”
3. “Building Stories Step-by-Step”
4. “Generating More Writing”

This year Hatchett students promise not to be reading and writing curmudgeons; instead, they choose to be readers and writers with a great appreciation for reading and writing. Rock on Hatchett Readers and Writers!