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Student/Parent Handbook: NISD Elementary Handbook

Hatchett Elementary School Colors: Blue and Silver
Hatchett Elementary School Mascot: Hurricane

Hatchett Elementary Mission Statement:
At Hatchett Elementary our mission is to educate with compassion and dedication so that every child can be successful. Our goal is to ensure that all students be productive members of society.

Hatchett Elementary Vision Statement:
We believe that our purpose is to educate ALL students to high levels of academic performance, while fostering positive growth in social/emotional behaviors and attitudes.

School Song:
We're the Hatchett Hurricanes
Our pride is shining through
We work together every day
So you can see it, too.
We show respect and we are fair
Responsible in work and play
We're the Hatchett Hurricanes
We'll blow you away!

We're the Hachett Hurricanes
The silver and the blue
We show our colors every day
In everything we do!
We listen, learn and share and care
With teachers, staff and PTA
We're the Hatchett Hurricanes
We'll blow you away!

We're the Hatchett Hurricanes
We'll blow you away!

Lyrics and Music by Kathy Ransdell

Dedication News...On behalf of Northside Independent School District, the Faculty of Thomas L. Hatchett, Sr. Elementary would like to extend you a cordial THANKS! to all who joined us for our dedication ceremony. The ceremony was held in our cafeteria/gym at 2:00 pm on Saturday, January 29, 2005. We had over 500 individuals in attendance including Mr. Hatchett's wife, Bettye Hatchett, his family and friends, our Superintendent, Cabinet members, School Board members, NISD Deputy Superintendents, NISD Directors, NISD Administrators, Hatchett Faculty members, Community members, Parents and Students. The ceremony was taped by NISD-TV in its entirety and will be made available for purchase. NISD-TV produced a video tribute to Mr. Hatchett that aired during the dedication ceremony.