Student Leadership: Student-led Conferences

What are student-led conferences?
Student-led conferences are conferences that are prepared and presented by the student, with the support of teachers and parents. Students take the responsibility for reporting what they are learning and become more actively involved in the process of learning. Student-led conferences can be portfolio style where students and the teacher pick sample work for students to present to their parents. Student-led conferences can also be grade related where students inform their parents of their grades.

What is a Student Led Conference?

What are the benefits of a Student Led Conference?

  • • Student-led conferences empower students.
  • • It allows them the time and place to use their own voices and be heard.
  • • It encourages students to take responsibility for their actions and academic performance.
  • • Students can see the Goal setting process at work.
  • • Students have an opportunity for self-reflection and self-evaluation.

Student’s Role:

  • • Students do most of the talking as they LEAD the conference.
  • • Students take responsibility for what is presented and discussed.
  • • Students answer questions from parents.
  • • Students must be able to describe their work , their goals, and their progress toward their goals.

Teacher’s Role:

  • Send out parent information letter and schedule conferences.
  • Review Conference Sheet/Script with students.
  • Organize time and place for conferences.
  • Be an advocate for the student.
  • Help maintain a positive atmosphere.
  • Encourages student/parent interaction.


Parent’s Role:

  • Primarily, the parent is a listener.
  • Parent’s write down their questions on a notepad or 3x5 index card as their child is speaking.
  • Parents direct their questions to the student.
  • Parent’s have the opportunity to filling out an evaluation at the close of the conference to provide feedback to the campus.