Referrals/Nominations of students to be tested for gifted program services can be done by parents, guardians, community members, staff, students, and/or self.   Referrals/Nominations are accepted at the campus.  All kindergarten students are screened for the program using planned learning experiences, which include critical and creative thinking products as well as classroom teacher observation. Official assessment of kindergarten students occurs in the early part of spring semester.

Data collected for students assessed for possible participation to the gifted program is from multiple sources:


GT Testing is available in Spanish and in languages other than English. International GT Testing session occurs during the school year for students being assessed in languages other than English.

The Campus Selection Committee reviews student scores. Identified students are provided services in the area of general intellectual ability. Appeals to the Campus Selection Committee’s decision can be made at the campus level. Additional information must be provided to the Selection Committee that points to remarkably high level ability.  The additional documentation may come in the form of a portfolio and/or outside testing.  Submit copies of student work (not original copies).  The decision to place in the student in the GT Program may remain the same even with the additional information.  Keep in mind that gifted and talented is a professional educational term that describes a small portion of the population.  While all children have strengths, areas in which they can excel, not all children grow in the gifted range of human development.

For more information regarding the screening and assessment of students for the gifted program contact the Northside ISD GT Testing Center at (210) 397-7840 or the GT and Advanced Academics at (210) 397-8631.