We are proud because:
we are committed to improving our AP scores and are training every single AP teacher on how to analyze their Instructional Planning Reports to determine students' strengths and weaknesses which will guide more relevant class instruction
we are training all of our pre-AP teachers to become knowledgeable with the expectation of both an AP course and AP test so that their curriculum and instruction will become truly aligned to AP
we brought in a well-renowned presenter, Ian Byrd, to share his expertise on teaching gifted/talented exclusively to our NISD GT and AP teachers
our high caliber teachers continue to receive awards.  Among the most recent: one of our teachers, Laura Butterfield, represented her school at the Latina USA Convention in Washington DC; another, Roxanne Brown, received the KENS-5 ExCEL/SACU award; and yet another, Vivian Burleson, won a STEM Education Teaching Excellence Award, sponsored by Our Lady of the Lake University; Region 20's Elementary Teacher of the Year 2015 was our own Gina Reina!
we administer GT testing in numerous languages including Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.
we ensure that communication with parents is available in these their language.
we have a parent/community advocacy group that implemented an innovative way to meet throughout our large district using Google Hangouts.
we tested 5,558 students last year in search of the top 5% students at our diverse campuses.
we continue to offer stimulating educational experiences for our students at all levels. most recently to include Destination Imagination, Quiz Bowl, and a partnership with Venture Labs.
we are implementing a new model of GT instruction at our middle school campuses and are providing training several times a year for all of our new content GT teachers.
we are striving to support our new teachers through mentor assignments, new teacher orientation, as well as a new teacher handbook available to all teachers through the Employee Connection website.