ALPHA High School

Grades 9-12

ALPHA High School has several components:

GT Leadership Course for 9th or 10th grade GT Students

This elective class is designed for GT students who are interested in learning about leadership and organizational skills including decision-making skills, problem-solving techniques, communication skills, leadership roles, human relation skills and understanding the need for civic responsibility. Students enrolled in the course will apply these skills in dealing with peers, school administration and the community. Students will gain a hands-on, active learning approach to leadership.

Independent Study Mentorship (ISM)

Northside Independent School District Juniors and Seniors who are recommended or identified may enroll in an Independent Study Mentorship (ISM) class. In this class, students pursue an area of special interest under the guidance of a mentor for the full year. At the end of the year, students must do a presentation and product display to an invited audience, including a panel of experts from the selected field of study. Students, parents, mentors, and college entrance committees report that this is the most useful preparation for the real world offered by the educational system.

Student comments:

"To listen and study is school. To experience and achieve is ISM."

"ISM was a paradoxical class; paradoxical because it mixed school with reality, and displeasure with passion. The amount of work was at times hard to bear, but the anticipation of the final product brought the big picture into focus, and as a student I realized that was I was doing was not a school project but a glimpse towards a future, and a favorable future for me."

Some ISM students participate in the Young Engineers and Scientists (YES) summer program at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas.


Seminars are held throughout the year on various topics. Presenters in various areas examine contemporary and futuristic issues to provoke students curiosity, inquiry, and involvement. Students may sign up to attend one or more of the seminars offered during the school year.

Other high school services for Gifted Education include:

  • Honors and Advanced Placement Courses
  • Credit by Examination
  • Dual Credit
  • UT OnRamps